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Sandwich of the panel
Technical characteristics
Equipment and the technology

The sandwich of panel, wall panels - WallKing are unique by the following properties:

1. Minimum weight
The weight of material composes only of 650 kg/kub.m. There is no need for plaster works with the use the sandwich of panels WallKing. The weight of wall WallKing composes in all only 1/6 in comparison with the weight of brick wall. 


The wall panels WallKing do not form the 
Aquarium assembled from the wall panels Wallking 2. optimum waterproofness and the hydrostability
Tests showed, vat assembled from panels Wallking with the use of cement mortar even without the application of the watertight coating retains water, the rear surface of wall panels remains dry without any manifestations of the yield of water. Even under the conditions of high humidity on the surfaces of walls it is not formed condensate.
The sandwich of panel Wallking - is more than 
the space
the wall panels

3. The minimum accomodation occupies
In comparison with the wall 120 mm (plastered brick) wall assembled with the use of the wall panels Wallkingttolпno1 of 75 mm. much smaller area occupies and you obtain 1 square meter more than function space for every 12 m of the length of prepared wall.

the wall panels
4. The large suspension load is maintained
Suspension load on the isolated points can exceed 50 kg. for the mounting they can be used nails and glues.
5. Highest class of the fire resistance
Is fireproof during more I it is hour, thus it relates to the class A of fireproof materials.

6. Optimum vibration- and high-impact properties
Because of their composite structure and composition (3- 3-v-1 -1), to the connection of panels with the aid of the shafts or the bent back flanges, wall WallKing acquire the best resistance to the deformations and the deflections, which distinguishes them from the brick wall.

7. High practicalness
Wall panels easily and rapidly are established, is eliminated the need for brick and plastering, the time of building is shortened thus. The installation of the systems of water pipes and electric power supply simplifies. The productivity of the installation of panel walls is 8-10 times higher in comparison with the building of brick walls. Furthermore, panels can be taken and established elsewhere.

8. Simple installation and the convenient installation
The sandwich of panel and wall panels ensure simple transport and stacking. The need for plastering and finishing is eliminated. Decreases a quantity of remainders of material and rubbish on the object, the losses of material are reduced to the minimum. Convenience for the workers, who reaches and he transfers panels obviously, since their weight composes only 1/6 from the weight of the same brick wall.

9. Thin walls with the maximum altitude and the width
Because of their high strength and optimum technical characteristics sandwich the panels can be used as the partitions and the separating walls, even in the very high and wide sections. For the fixation of panels is necessary only steel construction, which is established inside the wall, there is no need for the installation of counters for the walls. Stability to the deformation of panel of walls 1,5 times exceeds the stability of brick walls.

Simplest procedure of the installation
the sandwich of panels WallKing

1. Transfer of the panels
Two people can easily transfer the panel with an area of 1,83 square meters.

2. Sawing the panel
Panel can be sawn by portable saw depending  on the necessary sizes.

3. Putting the mortar
Apply cement glue and the mortar into the grooves of panels in order to ensure the uniform distribution of mortar.

4. Installation is the sandwich of the panel
Place panel in the necessary place.

5. Positioning
Force panel close against that already established so that the mortar would begin to leave through the seam between the panels. Prover'te, that mortar sufficiently and polish the point of emergences of mortar with the aid of the wooden bar.

6. Combination
Use rule and iron lath in order to slightly even panels.

7. Filling with the solution
Apply mortar to the upper and flat welds take out wooden lath after drying and thickening of solution.

8. Gluing of the grid
The mortar on the seams will dry 3-5 days after and it will take form, use an emulsion in order to stick the grid with a width of the cell of 50 mm on the seams.

9. Removal of plastering and the coloring
After drying of plastering apply the layer of paint. There is no need for removing plastering, if glazed tile or marble tiles are established. Tiles are fastened directly to  the cement mortar.

10. Grooving and grooves
With the aid of the portable saw make grooves and grooves. After the cable laying and pipes seal openings by mortar and polish surface. 

11. Installation of the door casing
Use boards in order to edge panels you will fasten to the wall with the aid of the nails. Use facing board in order to finish door casing.

12. Installation of the door
After fastening of door casing you will install in the place door.


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